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1. Floor Loom Equipment – each floor loom is labeled with a
   number and all the equipment that goes with that loom is
   labeled as well. Each loom is equipped with a bench
   (labeled), a box containing a pair of scissors (for yarn ONLY),
   a tape measure, a yarn needle, and a threading hook; a box
   with tie-up cords; extra heddles ( I am the only person who
   adds and takes heddles off looms); 2 boat shuttles; a mug rug
   for cups and bottles; phone holder; Schacht looms have a
    light; Wolf looms have a “trap”. You are responsible for
    keeping all the equipment with your loom and in order
    You are also responsible for keeping equipment/parts of the
    loom on the loom when you are not using it to prevent
    warping of the equipment (eg wolf traps, back and front
    beams when threading, lights). When you complete
    your project, you will be responsible for removing the BLUE
   tape from the treadles and I will recheck the equipment to
   make sure everything is complete and there has been no
   damage to the loom (water stains, broken/cut cords).
   Missing/damaged equipment or  loom will incur a fine for
   replacement and repair.

2. The white drawers under the counter contain paper scissors,
    index cards, tape, bobbins, and other equipment for the
    looms in the lower level studio.

3. Small Blue Pillows are available to cushion the benches and
    stools. Please ask for one if you need it.

4. Using Own Loom Policy – Due to space constraints, Rigid
    Heddle Weavers are the only students who will be bringing
    looms into the studio to thread.

5. Own Equipment – Students are not permitted to bring
    scissors, tape measures, threading hooks, etc. from home.
   The studio is equipped with these items. Rigid Heddle
   Weavers who are using their own looms must come with
   all the equipment needed to thread the loom,  shuttles
   and paper.

6. Studio equipment, threading hooks, tape measures, scissors,
    etc are to be returned nightly to the white drawers –
    the equipment does not belong in your basket.


 7. Sewing – Students are welcome to use the sewing
     machines to finish their projects if they can do so
     independently. I am available to help thread machines,
     but for further assistance, see me for a list of professional

 8. Couch - Please use the couch for sitting, (not for baskets,
     pocketbooks and eating)
. There is a table in the entrance
     way for eating/food. Please do not bring food (water and
     drinks are okay) into the weaving area – thanks. There are
     felted mug rugs to be used under bottles and cups.

  9. Recycling – there are two recycling bins in the coffee
      area. One is for CLEAN paper (no coffee cups); the other
      is for cans, bottles, plastic. Please help the studio be
      green by recycling items that are recyclable.

10. Shoe Policy – To protect the floors and keep allergens
      out of the studio, please remove your shoes (no shoes or
      foot covering that have been outside) when you enter
      the studio. You may bring socks, slippers or use slippers
      and shoe covers provided. Please no bare feet.

11. Yarn Policy - Projects will be weighed upon completion
      and students will be charged for weight of yarn used.
      All yarn will be discounted 20% if all of the loom waste
      is included in the weighing. If loom waste is not included
      in the weighing or if you weigh your project outside of
      the studio, the 20% discount will be forfeited.

12. Parking – please park in the parking lot or if the lot is full
      please use the driveway. Please do not park on the street.

13. Cell Phone Policy – please talk on your cell phone in the
      front entrance way or on the deck.

14. Sick/Illness Policy – if you are sick, coughing, sneezing,
      and/or contagious: Please stay home!

15. Perfume/Strong scent policy – due to people who are
     very sensitive/allergic to perfumes and strong scents
     please refrain  from wearing perfume and any products
     that have a strong scent to the studio.


Page updated 20 August 2017