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If you are interested in purchasing yarn, a loom and/or equipment, please email/call for an appointment.

The Weaving Studio will be closed on Saturday, June 3 and Thursday, July 13


A Place to Weave will provide:

1.  A community environment small enough to meet the      needs of each weaver.

2. Instruction in theory for weavers who desire further     knowledge and a place for practical study.

3. A place and time for project-oriented students     to weave.

4. Access to patterns, equipment and supplies to meet     the needs of project-oriented weavers.

I have worked to reorganize/restructure the studio to better meet
my needs and those of my students. I am limiting the number of
students in order to be able to provide students with the support
I feel is optimal. I will not be accepting new students at this time.
Students will be invited to return based on seniority, space, and
equipment availability. I have created a waitlist for those students
who want to learn to weave and will contact them as space becomes available. Please email the studio if you wish to be added to the waitlist.

If you are interested in weaving instruction
The Weavers’ Guild of Boston also has a list of weaving teachers in the area.

Updated: 1 June 2017