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Weavers' Guild of Boston

Dye Day Workshops with Mary Mandarino

Saturday, September 26th
Sunday, October 4th

Join us in an exploration of color and technique
for warp and skein painting and dyeing with MX dyes.

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Weaving Magic . . Children's Summer 2015 Lexplorations

Come weave a felted wool purse (6 in deep x 11 in wide)
on the Schacht Cricket loom. You will choose two colors of
wool, wind the warp, thread the loom and weave the fabric.
You will sew the purse together on a sewing machine.
Potholder looms, band looms, cardboard looms and
baskets will be available to work on as well.
Cricket looms are available for purchase from Beth.

Note: Taught with assistant, Kittie Gayman

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Rigid heddle looms produce plain weave
cloth on a fun and portable loom.
Students will weave a cotton or
bamboo scarf, or a cotton pillow in
four 3-hour lessons.

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LOOMS for SALE - Click HERE for more information

OPTION #1: OPEN STUDIO TIME - You will pay for up to four (4) months in advance. For that one tuition payment, you will have the opportunity to use the studio for as many hours as desired during open studio hours. During the 30 plus scheduled open studio hours per week, I will be available to teach and help you as needed. You can use the library, the computer to design your next project, pick my brain, weave, or just visit with your weaving buddies - whatever you desire. Individualized instruction geared to your interests and level (beginner through intermediate) on either eight-shaft, four-shaft, or rigid heddle looms will be available. There will be no need to sign up for any particular time - just show up when it's convenient for you. Loom use is included in tuition cost.

OPTION #2: PAY AS YOU GO - In Option #2 you rent the table loom, paid in advance (floor looms are not available for rental) and pay for just the days you come to the weaving studio. In this option, you will pay that day for the number of hours you attend (2 hour minimum). Please remember your checkbook as no invoicing will be available.

The increased cost of freight (shipping) has forced the studio to revise its discount policy. Yarns and books will be sold at a 20% discount. Looms and weaving accessories will be sold at a 10 - 15% discount.

Special workshops taught by other teachers will occasionally be scheduled (for additional registration fees) to expand your knowledge of weaving theory.

Children's classes are also available.

Effective dates: January 1 - December 31, 2015


OPTION #1 - OPEN STUDIO TIME - includes use of loom - may come as often as you would like during the hours the Studio is Open from January 1 - December 31. Choose the number of months that you would like to study. You may choose to pay by the month at the monthly fee each month. At the end of the month(s), if the project is not completed, then you will have the option of purchasing additional lesson time by the month(s) at the number of month(s) fee; or removing the unfinished project from the loom and purchase the materials; or if you are weaving on a TABLE loom you may rent the loom by the month and complete the project on your own or pay as you go in the studio.
4 Consecutive Months $460.00 plus materials
3 Consecutive Months $360.00 plus materials
2 Consecutive Months $255.00 plus materials
1 Month                      $130.00 plus materials
Months run from the 1st to the 30th/31st (not by the week).

Loom Rental, if needed (paid in advance)
Table loom: $30/month + $1.88 tax = $31.88/month
Floor loom: $50/month + $3.13 tax = $53.13

Loom Rental is required unless you have your own: paid in ADVANCE
Table loom: $30/month + $1.88 tax = $31.88/month
(floor looms are not available for this option)
Lesson Fee: $10.00 per hour (2 hour minimum/visit), plus materials;
payment is due whenever you attend.


Option #1 is your Best Value and gives you the most flexibility to weave and learn whenever the studio is open, plus loom use is included.

Option #2 provides ad hoc access to the studio whenever it is open. Loom rental is required unless you have your own loom.

Loom rental rates will be as follows for those who have projects on the loom when they take vacation time and are not paying for OPEN STUDIO.

Table looms $30/ month plus 6.25% sales tax

Wolf Pups $50/month plus 6.25% sales tax

36", 40", 45", and 54" floor looms $75/month plus 6.25% sales tax

Rug loom $100/month plus 6.25% sales tax

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